Thursday, February 19, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

Happy hump day all! Since I started blogging, I have discovered other amazing bloggers that I follow religiously. One of them did a post called, "What's Up Wednesday," where she answered a series of questions about the recent updates and news going on in her life. I thought it was a brilliant idea- so here goes!!

What we're eating this week
Hamburger soup... courtesy Pinterest. So simple and kids love the wagon wheel pasta!

What I'm Reading
I'm currently reading two books and enjoying both so far..

What I'm Looking Forward To
Planning a two year old birthday party.. and a little sneak peak on the theme!

What I'm Loving
If you follow my Instagram you will see I have found a love for Wrenn Jewelry. Seriously- can I have one of each?!
My collection so far and growing as we speak! :)

What We've Been Up To
Being seriously lazy- including pajamas and marathons on Netflix. Oh- and celebrating lots of birthdays!
Celebrating Grandma Lee's birthday

Happy 21st baby sis!

What I'm Dreading
I'm anxious about Sophia's school conference coming up. I hope to hear good news but at the same time am bracing myself to hear horrible things so that hopefully I can be pleasantly surprised. We will hopefully get some clearer answers on her progress and readiness for Kindergarten. If you haven't heard of our woes of preschool, you can read it here.

What I'm Working On
Sprucing up the decorating around our house. We got new curtains for both the living room and girls' room. We are also in the process of a semi re-do of our basement family room.
Our new curtain fabric!

What I'm Excited About
Celebrating a 2nd birthday, EASTER, and family pictures scheduled for April.

What I'm Watching
I am a reality TV junky- so I am into The Bachelor right now. And this is really admitting to a guilty pleasure- Vanderpump Rules and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  I also am loving Scandal, Grey's and just finished Parenthood.

What I'm Listening
Ed Sheeran. Sam Smith. Also, loving FourFiveSeconds by Rihanna and Kanye West. I like all music but some of you may be surprised that I have and probably always will love hip hop/rap music.

What Am I Annoyed By
My hair. I just can't figure out what style/length I want it. I want it short one day. Then I want to grow it out the next. Sigh. Some hair-spiration below.

What I'm Hoping For
SPRING! Because cold, -1 is never a good number to see from Siri.

What I'm Wearing Today
If I'm not working, I am usually outfitted in jeans, boots or flats, a sweater and a scarf. And of course, Wrenn jewelry. :) I also just ordered this from Old Navy and am so excited to wear it this Spring. Another blog I followed shared her favorites from there and I couldn't resist. Old Navy has such cute Spring stuff out right now, go check it out!!
Yellow and navy :)

So, what's up with you?

Ok, disclaimer time. I totally thought this would take 2.2 seconds to whip up but wrong. So, although this is What's Up WEDNESDAY, you will all be reading this on Thursday. Sorry, I will do better next month!