Monday, September 15, 2014

Why I Do (or Don't) Want More Kids

When Will and I were dating and hit our 1, 2, and 3 year mark of dating, can you guess what a common question we would receive? Yes, it was, "When are you getting married?" We always knew that was our ultimate goal, was to get married but it was always funny whenever we told people how long we had been dating that the question of marriage was one of the common questions we got asked.

When we took the steps toward marriage and on the night of our wedding as newlyweds, can you guess the common question we got asked at our reception? Yes, it was, "When are you going to have kids?" And me, being the planner that I am, responded that "I would like to finish graduate school and get settled in a career before we start having kids." HA- you all know how that turned out.. and five years later, here we are....

After we had our first bundle of joy, can you guess what another question we got was? Yes, it was "So, when are you having the next one?" You can probably tell where all this is going.  And now that we have two girls, many people ask us when we are going to try for that boy?! It's funny because I saw a funny post on Pinterest and I think it sums the subject up pretty nicely.

When the talk of having more kids arises in our house, it's a friendly debate. Can you guess which side I am on? If you guessed "the more the merrier" then you are correct! Will has valid arguments for keeping our family at four, such as: you should never have more kids than you have parents.. and four people=even numbers. When you get one more- you get all unbalanced and then it's uneven with five people. And not to mention finances. With two, we already have huge costs associated with not only having children but having girls- the dresses for the all the dances, schooling etc... it can all be a little overwhelming just thinking about it. Logically, he is right. The general "messiness" of having three, the costs, time, and  losing hair associated with having three little ones is all 100% the down and dirty truth.

But my side is more emotional than logical. It's the newborn baby breath, the little sighs and cries, the little newborn hands and feet. And the little clothes. And the relationship that you see unfolding before your eyes between the kids. And despite the sleepless nights, not to mention what life will be like with two older ones all while taking care of a newborn, I just know that I am not done. I envision a house full of children (not too full) and three sounds like the magic number. For some crazy reason, I just FEEL  that having three children is what we are supposed to do. I am holding onto all our baby stuff- from the newborn clothes to the boxes and boxes of clothes we have because in my hearts of hearts I know that I want one more. But for now, we are just taking things one day at a time. And for now, we are content with our little family of four and will make the decision of if/when that time comes.

So for you all, when and how did you know you were done having children? Or wanted more? Please share!

And now, just some cute pics of our celebrating a CYCLONE victory this past weekend!
It's ok Saidey, you're too young to know any better!