Friday, August 15, 2014

Babywearing for the WIN

When I had Sophia, my former supervisor from the YWCA Ames-ISU, Sherrie, visited us. After catching up and talking about all things kid related she brought up the topic of babywearing. The only experience I had with babywearing was a Bjorn we received from my sister in law, Sara. I had tried it a few times and enjoyed it but it wasn’t anything earth shattering. Sherrie told me about the Moby wrap- essentially a long piece of fabric you wrap your baby with. Intrigued- Will, Sophia and I ventured to Little Padded Seats that very night and purchased our first Moby wrap.  With a little bit of practicing, I had wrapped Sophia in our first front carry. After a while though, the novelty seemed to wear off and it got stashed to the back of the closet.

Then along came Saidey and after a few hazardous trips to the grocery store and  having my hands full with a diaper bag, car seat carrier and a three year old, I whipped that Bjorn and Moby wrap back out of their hiding. The Bjorn was great when Saidey was a little squish- she was light enough that there was not much strain on my back. The Moby was also super comfortable but a little too much fabric for me especially with errand running. But I knew I wanted something that was a little more versatile and had the ability to grow with baby. I joined Babywearing International of Central Iowa on Facebook and there my folks, was where an obsession grew. I didn't even know that this whole new world was out there! The options, OH the options that are out there- the colors, patterns and different fabrics- I was in heaven!  I found myself scrolling through other member’s posts about their wraps- abbreviations like SSC, RS, FWCC, BWCC, WCRS, and WCMT were flying around and I couldn’t get enough. I eventually joined other babywearing groups on Facebook, buy/sell/trade groups and soon was like a crazy person constantly perusing all things babywearing. Eventually, we decided to try a wrap- I ordered one from Little Frog- a wrap retailer from Poland. It is probably my go to wrap even today.  Since then we have added one other wrap, an ERGO and a ring sling.
If you are going to have a baby or even have an older infant I strongly suggest you check into babywearing- it’s been a life saver but also a huge way for us to bond. Many carriers you can even discreetly nurse in too! Please check out all the benefits of babywearing! As always, with anything related to your little squish, please check out their safety guidelines!

                                                                Love, love this!