Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Fathers Day 2014

Happy, happy Father's Day to ALL the wonderful men out there. This Fathers Day, I was reflecting a little and came to the conclusion that fathers kind of get the short end of the stick. Now, I realize moms/women still have a long way to go in terms of being seeing equally In the workplace etc. It's only been recently that people have really begun to recognize that stay at home moms work is super hard. I think there has been a big push in the recent years to really recognize moms and appreciate what they do. Then it comes to dads. I'm sure we have all heard of those absent dads, the dad's that don't pay child support etc, etc. But rarely, do we hear about the daily things dads in the world are doing each and every day for their families, for their children.

I am incredibly lucky to have Will in our lives and I see how hard he works as well as the relationship he has with our daughters that I could never fill. He has a no nonsense, rough and tumble, chase you like I'm a monster-but at the same time heart crushingly warm and cuddly relationship with both girls. 

So, on this day, and everyday we appreciate ALL the guys out there that are doing what they do everyday. Thank you.