Sunday, February 23, 2014

Winter Blues

We have made it through another weekend with a double ear infection and bronchiolitis. Saidey stayed home from daycare Thursday and Friday with an on again off again low grade temp and pretty nasty sounding cough. After much debate, I decided to take her into the doctor Saturday morning. As a side note- William didn't think we needed to, moms know best I guess. :) 

Now, I know we live in Iowa and snow and cold weather is to be expected but man oh man, am I ready for Spring weather but I think what makes it worse is Mother Nature's teasers of 50 degrees one day before a blizzard. 

We spent the weekend running a few errands and a quick coffee date with a few of my best gal friends from ISU. We've had a really quiet weekend other than that. Here's to another week and hopefully kickin' these sicklies! 

This picture was taken by none other than miss Sophia- she has some skills! :)
Sophia posing :)