Thursday, February 27, 2014

Still Face

Another perk of my job is that I learn about awesome things that I can totally relate to on a personal level- raising kiddos. 

I have always known the importance of early childhood education as well as the extreme importance of those tender infant learning experiences but I recently attended a training on attachment and was reminded of how extremely important it is for infants to be talked to, soothed, picked up and loved and not only when they cry. This video shows how even infants form reciprocity and when they don't get that, important connections don't get formed. It was hard for me to watch because we all have heard of those stories of extreme neglect of infants and if this infant in the Video shows distress after just a few moments, imagine an infant who never receives feedback cues from a caregiver! Confirms that you just can't spoil a baby, you just can't!! So hold and love on those babies moms!!!