Sunday, February 2, 2014


Just as we did with Sophia, we have started signing with Saidey. Today she definitely signed more back! Of course, this moment entailed lots of cheering!

This weekend was spent running errands and on a mission to begin to eat healthier. Since my ordeal with hives and finding out potential triggers that were food related I have decided to try really harder to eat more fruits and veggies as well as cut out processed food. My work is on the health train too and had speakers from Crossfit come so that added more motivation too. After speaking with a few healthy eaters, we set out to the grocery store with newfound motivation- hoping we can begin to live a healthier lifestyle and set good examples for our kiddos. When I say we and our, I mean that loosely- still trying to get William on board. 

This week also starts with me working out more consistently and making it a top priority- thinking if I write it on here it will help hold me accountable :) so if you are reading this, next time you see me, ask how my healthy lifestyle is going! :) here's to a great February! 

Also- happy 20th to my baby sister- I love you!! 
Sunday acrobatics