Sunday, October 28, 2012

A year plus of UPDATES!

So, it's been over a year since I have updated my blog and things sure have changed in the Scholtes household in the past year or so!

Sophia is now 27 months old and is growing into such a talkative, sassy, sweet, and playful little girl. She isn't quite "mommy's baby girl" anymore. She is now moved into the 2 year old room and she is practicing her colors, shapes, and is starting to use scissors to cut and make beautiful works of art! :) Sophia now knows green, blue, purple, orange, yellow, white, and of course, PINK!

The summer flew by and we participated in typical Iowa summer activities: Farmer's Market, swimming pool, zoo, and of course, the Iowa State Fair!

We are currently in the Halloween season and Sophia is into ghosts, pumpkins, and saying TRICK OR TREAT! We went to Night Eyes last weekend and Sophia had such a good time with mommy, daddy, and Gma and Gpa Lee! On Sunday, we went to Center Grove Orchard for the second year and Sophia loved it!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sophia Rose!

Showing off my new do! :)

Pumpkin painting/carving 2012

Night Eyes 2012

Center Grove Orchard October 2012
Will got a new job at Meredith Corporation, in April 2012 and I continued to work at House of Mercy as an Outpatient Primary Counselor. We are both enjoying our jobs and looking forward to Will's graduation this December from ITT Tech. Sophia and I are so proud of him, working and going to school until 10PM some nights.

One final, exciting new update is that we are expecting Baby S No. 2 in March 2013! So far, the pregnancy has gone very well, it has been very similar to my pregnancy with Sophia- I've been super tired and dealing with small, annoying symptoms but other than that, I haven't experienced any sickness or anything so I'll take it! :) I think the second pregnancy has been very different though, in terms of having a 2 year old here to keep us busy- let's just say that by this time with Sophia, I had belly pictures taken every month, we had names picked out, started to think about getting the nursery ready, etc.. and this time... not so much! Sophia is excited to become a big sister and says she wants a baby sister, she also says that she is going to hold the baby and share her toys. We will see if this still holds true once said baby is in her life for real! And to stay! :) 

I hope to keep my blog updated better- looking forward to the holidays and a new year! :)