Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More more!

One great thing about blogging is being able to look back and remember when Sophia started sitting up, etc.. and get the approximate date of when she did it. Therefore, I am blogging that Sophia showed us the sign for "more" yesterday! It was so exciting, we were just sitting at the dinner table and I was giving Sophia crunchies and I wasn't paying attention to see she had run out and as I looked over to her she signed, "more" We clapped and cheered for her so loud! :) On her sheet from daycare it said she was signing more there too!

Sophia has changed so much in just the past few weeks in terms of her eating- she is eating so much and EVERYTHING that we put in front of her. She is not eating any baby food and is fully on table food. She is not a big fan of veggies- she only eats a few bites and then says all done to that! She used to only use a spoon or fork to feed herself or I would have to put it in her mouth- she would rarely pick food up unless it was bread or something crunchy or hard. She now is picking everything up and prefers to do it that way now.

We're still working on the nap thing- some days she makes it until 12, other days not so much, but that's ok! We still do a morning and a night bottle- we tried cutting out her nighttime bottle Monday night because she ate so well and had about 4 ounces of formula in her sippy cup- she woke up at 1 AM starving. Think we will keep the nighttime bottle in her routine for a bit longer!

Happy 11 months tomorrow baby girl! =)