Sunday, June 26, 2011

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Sporting mama's shades

At the art festival!

Our sweet 11 month old "baby" girl

Can I replicate this for her birthday? We shall see!!

Sophia's top half of her birthday outfit- instead of a cupcake, there'll be a 1 with her name embroidered across the 1

What a great weekend it was! Even with me having class, it turned out to be a pretty great weekend! I am now officially done with classes!! WOOO HOOO! I still have a big project I need to work on before I leave for my trip as well as my capstone project. BUT at least no more class! The light can be seen!

I got out of class by 2 on Saturday so we made it to the art festival! It was a lot of fun, a little gloomy and breezy though. Sophia had a great time at people watching, of course! We sat by the stage an listened to music and ate some yummy food. We also enjoyed walking around and looking at all the amazing art- some of those people have some great talent and creativity- WOW!

It was a fairly relaxing day- we caught up on some stuff around the house and brainstormed for Sophia's 1st birthday- her party will be on the 24th, at the Raccoon River Nature Lodge. We have decided not really do a "theme" but more use pink, orange, and yellow Gerbera daisies as sort of the main look.

Sophia is officially 11 months and here is an update of what she has been up to!

Drinking 6 ounce bottles, one in the AM and one right before bed
Trying one nap at 12, but sometimes takes an AM and PM nap
Eating all table food- YAY!
Drinking formula and water out of her sippy cup at all meals
Signing more, all done, and eat ( doesn't do this one as much)
Blows kisses
Says HI and we swear we've heard her say all done but we're not sure
Cruises along furniture and uses her walker to get around
Temporarily stands alone before falling :)
Says GRRR when asked what a bear says
Finds the cat when asked, "Where is Bo?"
Can find and recognize Mom and Dad
Loves looking at her pictures around the house, we'll go around and point to them and say "There's Sophia!" and so on and so on and so on...