Sunday, January 23, 2011

Big 6 Months

Sophia is half a year old today! Can you believe that?! We sure can't! Sophia had a fun weekend- she got to spend the night with Gma and Gpa Lee! Will's holiday party was last night so yesterday we took Sophia to Mtown and headed back to DSM. It was fun getting dressed up to go to the party and we had fun eating and chatting with his work friends. We decided to leave a little early and head to a movie- making the most out of our "date" night. We went to No Strings Attached- we thought it was pretty good and had some pretty funny lines in it. It was strange heading back home without Sophia and she was never too far away in my thoughts. This morning we woke up and it was weird not having Sophia wake us up with her daily talks and coos. We got up and got ready and headed back to Mtown to find a happy girl! She had such a great time and of course was such a good girl for Gma and Gpa!

We spent the rest of the day back in DSM, cleaning and catching up on laundry. We of course had to video chat with Aunt Sara and she got to see Sophia clap and roll all around!

We look forward to a busy, busy week- I am heading back to classes- Mon and Wed- so it's going to be a busy Spring for us. On Fri Sophia has her 6 mo. appt and I have an eye appt and then it's back to Mtown where we celebrate Baby Jaxson's arrival- my friend from high school has a scheduled c-section for Thursday. We are very excited to meet Sophia's new friend! :) We also are celebrating Brooklyn's 17th birthday! So another busy week/end!

Sophia has had quite the difficult week at the center for the past week- she hasn't been eating very well and she has been waking up 1-2 times during the night- which is very unlike her! She just hasn't been herself! Initially I thought it could be a stomach virus that many of the kiddos in her room had but now I am wondering if its not teeth. She also has been rubbing her left ear again a lot so if that gets worse or if she gets progressively fussier she may be heading to the Dr early to check out those darn ears again. Let's hope it's just teeth!

Things Sophia is doing at 6 months:

Rolling everywhere! Can't keep her on a blanket anymore!
Attempting the sippy cup
Eating peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, squash, pears, peaches, prunes, bananas, and avocados
Tried Puffs (does not put them to her own mouth but will gum them very well)
Sitting up (mostly with help but can sit unassisted for a few minutes without tipping)
Saying baba and mama
Eating 6 ounces every 4 hours
Taking 2-3 longer naps throughout the day
Sleeps from 8-5:30 during the week and 8:30-7:30 on the weekends
Favorite toys: Doll, keys, and talking dog
Hitting everything
Getting on all fours for a few seconds