Sunday, October 24, 2010

3 Months

Sophia turned 3 months this weekend! Here are just a few of her pictures that we got taken at Portrait Innovations. Overall, we were very happy with our experience there!

We had another big weekend as we headed north to Lansing. We got to play with our big cousin, Skyla and meet some relatives we have not yet met. Sophia traveled well and slept the entire way there and made it to Ames on the way back.

We don't have any real news, Sophia had an eye appointment as her clogged tear duct has gotten worse and unfortunately there is still not anything we can do except massage it and clean it. The Dr. prescribed drops to give her when it gets really goopey and not for everyday use, but he said it wouldn't clear it up completely and it will just ease the symptoms. If it doesn't clear up by her 9 mo. appt we may have to discuss surgery :( Hopefully it clears up on its own by then.

Looking forward to another busy week, already looking forward to the weekend! :) Going to carve pumpkins at a friend's house and we have Sophia's Halloween costume- a strawberry- Thanks Aunt Sara- all ready to go! We have a wedding in Marshalltown and so another weekend away from home.

Things Sophia is doing at 3 months:

Sleeping ALL night! YAY! :)
Eating 4-5 oz. every 3-4 hours
Rolling/sleeping on her side
Giggling :)
Lots of cooing
Reaching for toys dangling above her
Holding her pacifier and attempting to get it back in her mouth
Trying to hold her bottle (she will hold it with both hands)
Loves looking at the TV and picture books (especially loves it when Dad reads to her)
Loves listening to music and dancing with Mom :)