Thursday, September 9, 2010

Coming to an End

Sophia is 7 weeks old and our time at home is coming to an end. I have just one more week and it's back to work and to daycare! I am getting ready to go back to work and am excited for a new adventure there as I am moving to the one year old room! Sophia and I are going to meet Jen, our daycare provider, next week. I am a little anxious about leaving her with someone new but from the other side of it, the day care provider, I know she will be just fine! One of my biggest concerns is that Sophia will be fussy or upset and Jen won't quite know what to do for her, but I also know that at my work we always figured it out!!

Labor Day weekend was quite an adventure as we headed to Marshalltown for our first overnight stay at Grandma Lee's! Sophia did great with sleeping in a pack and play in a new place so that made me feel better about things. This weekend is pretty quiet but fun as we cheer on the CYCLONES while Daddy cheers on the Hawks. It is quite the argument in our household right now as to what team Sophia will be supporting in her apparel. :) Next weekend we head to Lansing to visit Gma and Gpa Scholtes! That will be an even bigger adventure!!

I can't believe maternity leave went this fast but am ready to start a new phase in our lives!