Friday, September 17, 2010

8 weeks!

This was our last week at home together and we are also 8 weeks today! What a big girl! Tomorrow we leave bright and early for Lansing and to see Gma and Gpa Scholtes! We are excited but a little nervous, hoping the 4.5 hr. car ride goes well!

Things Sophia is doing at 8 weeks:

LOTS and LOTS of smiling and cooing
Turning her head towards noises and lights
Sticking her bottom lip out (who can be mad when she puts that lip out?!)
Tummy time
Eating 4 oz. every 3 hours
Sleeping a 6 hour stretch at night and then a 3-4 hour stretch after that (9-3, 3-7) But will soon have to be waking her up at.. EEEK... 5:30! So we'll see how her schedule changes.

Our first week of daycare is Monday, I am a little nervous but know she will be well cared for!