Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Full Term!

Well, Baby S and I made it to full term! YAY! What a busy weekend we all had- Will's family came to town and even his sister flew in so we had a full house! The baby shower was a success and was a lot of fun! It was fun seeing all the baby things and made it all seem more real and close to being that time. We tried going to the country bash on Sunday but it was a complete muddy mess so we didn't stay long. We did end up shopping for some of the things we didn't get at the shower that we thought we needed so we're all set to go for Baby S' arrival- which is hopefully soon! I hate to wish away these days of sleep and freedom but I am SOOOOO ready for her to be here already! I am counting down the days! This weekend we're heading to Iowa City for a few days, just to get out of DSM and spend a few days alone. We plan on doing some shopping and just relaxing! Anyways, some pictures from the baby shower and my 37 week bump soon to come! :)