Friday, June 11, 2010

Baby Basics

On Tuesday Will and I went to a class called baby basics, all about the basic care of a newborn. We practiced putting on diapers and swaddling. We also learned how to bathe a newborn, something I really wanted to learn as I have never done that before! I am a little nervous doing the first bath at home, the little ones get soo slippery! :) It will have to be a two person job for awhile before either of us get used to doing it alone! We learned a lot of new information that neither of us knew before, like it's ok to fill the bath water all the way up to cover most of their bodies because it's better for them to stay warm and it's ok for the cord to get wet as it will dry just fine. I always thought you were just supposed to use a little bit of water and not get the cord completely wet! We learned about the 5 S's, Swaddle, Side/stomach, Shh, Swing, and Suck, something I think we may use when times get rough! :)

I also had my 34 week appointment this week, again, very uneventful, measuring at 34 weeks and heartbeat good. We did meet a new dr, and this was the first time that neither of us felt very strongly about him. Hopefully he won't be on call when the time comes! :) I think I won't really care though at that given time.

Classes are FINALLY wrapping up! WOO HOOO! My Mon-Wed class is over, but I still have a paper and final due at the end of the month for it. My last Sat-Sun class is this Saturday and it only goes until lunch time. I worked on the final paper for that class today and all I have left for the class is the final exam, which is open book online! I am so ready to be done with classes for the summer, it's what's getting me through! Can't believe I am almost 35 weeks and we only have like 5-6 weeks left! Going to enjoy the weekend, going to Adventureland on Sunday for Will's company picnic, not that I can really ride anything! :(

We have also decided to go on our little vacation during the weekend of July 4th. We both have a long weekend so we just need to figure out where we wanna go! Any ideas?!