Monday, June 21, 2010

36 Weeks!

We're into the last month now- WOO HOO! I can't believe that next week I'll be considered term and that any day now could be THE day. Hopefully. Soon! I am so ready for her to be here! Within the last week or so I have grown to be quite uncomfortable particularly while I am walking, my inner upper thighs are bothering me very bad, and getting up and walking hurts a lot. The backs of my legs sometimes get pain through them too. I am feeling really good other than those two things and I have my 36 week appt this Thursday and will get to be checked out. Maybe I'll be dilated some, who knows?!

This weekend was fun but really busy and went way too fast as usual. We went to Marshalltown on Saturday and went to the aquatic center with the family and relaxed in the lazy river and went swimming. It was a great day. We then met my dad and Carrie at Hickory Park in Ames for some great food and headed home to DSM late Saturday night. On Father's Day we kept it pretty low key, watched a movie at home, took a nap and then headed to our last prenatal class. We did a general overview of everything. After that I took Will to Red Lobster for his Dad to be meal- he really likes the biscuits, and so do I!

This week hopefully goes by fast and then we'll be getting ready for Will's family to come to town and then my baby shower on Saturday. Sunday we are going to the Country Bash- we'll see how long I last there, at least tickets were only $20! We also have a 1 year old birthday party to go to that morning so to say the least it's going to be another busy weekend coming up!