Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Post!

Well, we're in the beginning of our 12th week and so I've decided it would be fun to start a blog! We'll see how this all works! :)

So far, with all the luck in the world I have not experienced any morning sickness! Knock on wood!! I am feeling pretty good except for the constant fatigue that I just can't kick. Once in awhile I'll feel a little queasy, especially during eating, but it usually passes within a few seconds. Brushing my teeth has also become a little difficult. To Will's dismay I am becoming quite indecisive when it comes to what I want to eat, nothing ever really sounds very good, but there are quite a lot of foods that I just do NOT want at all either! We made english muffin pizzas one night, I took one bite and just couldn't eat the rest.

We have had an ultrasound already at 8 weeks, and we got to hear the heartbeat- a strong 175! It was super neat to be able to hear its heartbeat and it became so real to know that there is actually something in there after all! The dr. said everything looked great so now we just need to wait for our next appt, which is January 8th. I am looking forward to this appointment, again, it feels like there isn't anything growing inside me at this point, so it will be good to hear from the dr. again!